Do you want to read that bestseller immediately?

Consider reading that bestseller on a Library Kindle.  We try  to put the most popular books on our 2 Kindles so that you don’t have to be one of 100 or more holds on the latest Patterson or Child or Hawkins book.   This month we have added Murder House by James Patterson on both Library Kindles.  Feel free to make suggestions; we will try to accommodate as many as possible.  And, best of all, the Kindles may be borrowed for three weeks and are easy to use.  All you have to do is turn the Kindle on, tap on the title and then just tap to turn pages.  You  can stop reading, and when you continue, you are automatically on the last page you read.  We can show you how to do this in less than  5 minutes.  So, give a Kindle a try!

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