From Our New Home

 The Valatie Free Library has now been operating for nine days in the new building at 1036 Kinderhook Street (Route 9, four buildings south of the Valatie Medical Arts facility).  This would not have been possible without the many people who gave countless hours of help in packing, lifting, moving and reshelving the collection.  Thank you:  

Our wonderful organizer, Mimi Johnson,  former ICC high school librarian and veteran of relocating libraries, having done so four times in in her career, who not only directed placement of books and furniture, but also packed, moved and shelved non-stop for 5 days
Steve Sigler,  constructor and visionary, who has assisted in every phase of the renovation of the building from its inception, who moved countless items from Church Street  to Kinderhook Street and then  arranged and rearranged items in the new building as we worked to set up a functional and pleasing library, who responded to every request and never once lost his patience with our many requests
Library Program Coordinator, Lesley Hallenbeck; Lucille Ouimet; Tracy Dauria; Christa Slater; Board Member, Dorothy Hotaling; Susan McDermott; former Assistant Library Director, Becky Hoff; Andrea Briggs; Jennifer Clark who packed, carried boxes and shelved
Al Johnson, John and Eric Sundwall, Pastor Jim Slater, Bob Clark who spent days transporting the library collection from Church Street to Kinderhook Street
Jeff Johnson and family of J & J Contracting who moved the heaviest furniture
Board Vice President, Lisa Benfield, who with Board Treasurer, Fran Fullerton, finished packing up computers and supplies and cleaned up the Church Street building; Board Secretary, Matt Griesemer; who carried boxes, shelved and then got our computers connected to their new wireless address; Board President, Erica Balon, who calmly and efficiently worked out the logistical decisions for accommodating the old library into the new facility

As Director of the Valatie Free Library, I can’t even begin to express my gratitude to these wonderful people who volunteered so much of their time and expertise during the transition.  Without them, the project would have taken twice, perhaps even three times, as long.  As I packed, moved boxes, shelved, set up the computers and looked at what seemed  a mountain of items to be relocated, I was often amazed at what was being accomplished.  With the support of the people involved in every aspect of the move, the new Valatie Free Library is a reality, and we welcome you, our patrons, to it.

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